Weedy bulbous plants

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Tue, 23 Nov 2010 19:17:47 PST
Dear Friends,
	Perhaps I am needlessly paranoid about the 'Invasive Plant 
Police', but I do not think it is the purpose of this forum or the 
wiki to add injury to this white list/ black list endeavor. I am 
convinced that almost any plant can be exuberant, weedy, over active, 
whatever, given the right conditions*, but any  (and I do mean any) 
stamp of 'INVASIVE" on the wiki will merely serve as further proof of 
the need for prohibition and denial of the right to grow this plant 
in every other part of the country.

	By keeping invasive comments into the body of 'conversations' 
on individual messages, we do not give a PBS stamp to this situation. 
On the email list individuals can share experiences without tagging a 
plant over the entire course of its cultivation.

	I just suggest we be extremely careful before we start 
tagging any item on the wiki as "Invasive' and so approved by PBS.

	Is this too extreme to suggest?  Just think about what this 
means and its repercussions.	Best 	Jim W.

* For example, I was recently shocked to hear from Ina in New Zealand 
what an "invasive weed" Lapageria rosea had become for her. Surely 
there are extremely few people who would want to see this blacklisted 
from growing in the US because it has invasive tendencies in N. Z.

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