Banana leaf canna nomenclature question
Thu, 04 Nov 2010 04:50:25 PDT
>> A name either has a description, in which case it is validly published, or it
>> does not. 

>Isn't there a provision that old epithets are considered "described" if >they refer to a good illustration or a pre-Linnean verbal description?

You are right that the name does not necessarily need an accompanying description but a new name must refer directly or indirectly to one that has been previously published (I don't think an illustration will do, although most illustrations also have text with them that will suffice; illustrations can be used as types for older names).  However, it is recommended that the description was not one prior to Linnaeus (i.e. 1753) - this is a recommendation not a rule as many of Linnaeus' names were published only by referring to earlier descriptions.


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