Nerine notes

Matt Mattus
Thu, 04 Nov 2010 04:43:11 PDT
Interesting, John, I never think about such things. Good information to

As an FYI, I snapped the stems off by hand. I wonder what commercial growers
do about such virus?

I have to admit that I rarely fuss over such things since I am not a serious
grower or collector of the genus, they just do well for me for some reason,
which keeps me curious about them. For two years now I almost moved them to
the compost pile to make room for other genera, then, this year, they almost
all bloomed, (clearly, they trying to send me a signal!)


Matt Mattus
Worcester, MA USA

On 11/4/10 3:31 AM, "John Grimshaw" <> wrote:

> I wrote a series of posts on Nerine on my blog last week, which members
> might find interesting.
> Matt Mattus's beautiful pictures of cut stems remind me that at the Nerine &
> Amaryllid Society meeting last Saturday the subject of virus - often a
> problem in Nerine - was raised. It was suggested that a principle method of
> transmission was through cutting the flowers and passing it on in the sap
> from plant to plant, so it may be wise to clean the knife with spirit
> between each plant while cutting stems.
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