Nerine and garden notes in NY
Wed, 03 Nov 2010 14:17:33 PDT
Hi all,
Speaking of nerines, a Nerine bowdenii is in bud, it is one of a few I've had in the garden for years.  Its close to bursting the bud sheath and opening, but is playing a game of dare with the weather.  We have had the lightest touch of frost this week (much heavier in my school garden in Chappaqua, a few miles north) and if it doesn't open before a stronger frost, it will get nailed.  The bulbs appear to be perfectly hardy but the flowers come so late that either I have to pick them to open briefly inside, or they tend to get frosted before they have a chance, except in good years of really lingering falls.  
At school the frosts of at least three nights have taken out the tender annuals, but sweet alyssum, mums, asters, pelargoniums reniforme, grossularoides, and sidoides, and a few other things keep trucking on.  The amaryllis belladonna hybrids that I planted along the wall in late summer near the one that bloomed earlier this year are showing small leaves, but I know they will get frosted back if they emerge too far before it gets really cold later on.  The foliage of the unknown crinums, maybe powellii, I put in the garden to test for hardiness this year did get damaged by the frosts, but the bulbs are quite deep in the ground (they had long "necks") and I am most curious to see if they come up again next year. 
Ernie DeMarie
Tuckahoe, NY

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All this talk about Nerines, made me realize I do not even have one in my 
ollection, and that has got to change :) Does anybody have some, or seeds, to 
est, Jude

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The RHS at Wisley (UK) has an interesting display of Nerines at present. Each 
lant is in a black recess in a wall finished with a gilt frame, and lit by a 
ingle overhead spot. Until you get close it is difficult to see if it is a 
ainting or a real plant. Very dramatic. Beats the Auricula theatre hands down. 
 pain to photograph because of the contrast, and flash turns the background to 

rian Whyer, Buckinghamshire, England, zone ~8, but a warm 15C this evening
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