A few Nerines

AW awilson@avonia.com
Wed, 03 Nov 2010 12:34:48 PDT
Hi Mike!

We've not conversed in years. I think we may have been two of the few people
who requested nerine bulbs from that Zienkowski collection. Mine are still
doing well, requiring almost no attention - which is probably why they are
doing so well. Many are in the same pots as when I first potted them up -
was it 1996? Some have mutiplied but get almost nothing in the way of
fertiliser. I also got some from Charles Hardman's collection. They have
done equally well, but are equally tardy this year.

Also glad to hear your Oxalis are thriving. You planted them out, as I
recall. But, that's a different topic, and one that may bore people!


San Diego

Andrew wrote:

>> Have others on the Pacific coast seen this tardiness?

Nice flowers, Andrew!  Thanks for sharing.

A couple of my Nerines are in bud now, but most have either just finished
blooming or are about 2/3 of the way through.  So I'd call it a normal but
slightly extended season here.

This was a very good Nerine year for me -- I'd guess that about 80% of my
small collection bloomed.  That's much better than my usual 40-50% rate.  I
have no idea what caused it, unless it was the fact that I repotted them all
two years ago.  Nerine buds apparently form over a two year period, so maybe
they're thanking me for the fresh soil.

Among other bulbs, the fall Oxalis are blooming very nicely, Strumaria
truncata is in bud, and Moraea polystachya has been in bloom for a couple of

San Jose, CA

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