A few Nerines

Michael Mace mikemace@att.net
Wed, 03 Nov 2010 22:27:47 PDT
Nice to be in touch with you again, Andrew.  You wrote:

>>I think we may have been two of the few people who requested nerine bulbs
from that Zienkowski 

I don't know how many people took those bulbs, but it was a great way to get
started with Nerines.  Steve V. deserves endless praise for all of the time
he put into that rescue.

Which reminds me -- listen up, PBS members.  If you have a bulb collection
with anything rare in it, make some sort of arrangements to get it
distributed to others after you're no longer on the scene.  Your family
won't know to contact people on this list (or any other forum) unless you
give them instructions.

I thought the late Les Hannibal handled this well.  He gave his best crosses
to family, and then invited us to come dig bulbs from the rest.  He did
something nice for others, and at the same time helped to preserve his
hybridizing work.

On the other hand, Jack Zinkowski died without making any arrangements for
his bulbs.  The bulbs were almost thrown out, and no one ever found his
breeding records.  So we have a lot of nice-looking Nerines with names like
"J-36," and there is no way to tell what that means, or what other plants it
ought to be crossed with.

>>(Nerines:)  Mine are still doing well, requiring almost no attention -
which is probably why they are doing so well. Many are in the same pots as
when I first potted them up - was it 1996? 

199-something, yes.

Mine too seemed fairly content in their original pots, but eventually I
decided they needed a nice repotting.  I have been very pleased with the

San Jose, CA

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