Nerine notes in MA

Wed, 03 Nov 2010 23:28:20 PDT
Your cut stem blooms look beautiful, Matt.  They are not the easiest
subjects for photographing.

Andrew Wilson
San Diego

> Well, as long as we are all chatting about Nerine, I might as well 
> share my images on my Flickr page from last week.
> I tried photographing all of my collection this year, since most 
> bloomed, so that I could have an image with the name tag, and the 
> blossom, but they are so challenging to photograph. I spent three days 
> shooting each stem with a label, but they looked nothing like the real,
live, blossom.
> I finally decided to just pick them all, and arrange them on a board 
> in the garden, arranged in floral foam by color. I figured that a nice 
> photoshoot was worth a few seeds!
> Matt Mattus
> Worcester, MA USA
> Zone 5b

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