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James Waddick
Tue, 16 Nov 2010 07:18:27 PST
Dear All,
	My friend Panayoti Kelaidis travelled to Kazakhstan in late 
summer. He sent me a couple pix and allowed me to share them with PBS 
friends. Mary Sue was kind enough to wrangle these on to the wiki.

	The pix are taken on the border of Kazakhstan and Kyrgestan 
in a steppe filled with Ungernia sewerzowii gone to seed.  The 
pictures clearly show the 'odd" ,but perfectly normal seed of this 
genus. Ungernia is the closest relative to Lycoris in the Family 
Amaryllidaceae and these seed pods look very similar. The seed itself 
could hardly be more different. Ungernia seed is flat , black and 
papery like many warm climate Amarayllids, while Lycoris have hard, 
round, black, pea-size seed.

	We can only hope that Panayoti brought back lots of seeds and 
will soon be offering photos of a bank of Ungernia in bloom at Denver 
Botanic Garden.


	Thanks to PK and MSI. 		Jim W.
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