Surplus Cyclamen graecum

Jim McKenney
Sun, 24 Oct 2010 16:14:57 PDT
John, I can drive up tomorrow if that suits. I'll take them with the 
understanding that I'll be distributing some of them to members of our rock 
garden group. 

Let me know,


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I’ve been doing some sorting out in my greenhouses and have about 25
Cyclamen graecum (ssp. graecum, ssp. graecum f. album, anatolicum and
candicum) in 7-10” pots that I want to give away.  They are great mature
plants but I don’t have the room to keep everything I’ve ever selected and
potting up last year’s selections has pushed these into retirement.  Anyone
who can stop by our house/garden is welcome to them all.  You have to take
them all though – no cherry-picking.

Not exactly bulbous but in a fit of enthusiasm I sowed a ton of seed of
Rhodea japonica from variegated selections a couple of years ago.  Over 100
progeny are now in individual 3 ½” pots and although there’s not a hint of
variegation in sight there is interesting variation in leaf
form/length/width.  Anyone want them?  I’ll plant a few but the rest are
taking up space that won’t be available in a couple of weeks.  If the
variegation shows up in the third season then you will make out like a



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