Grow Bulbs by Graham Duncan - 2nd edition

Cameron McMaster
Mon, 25 Oct 2010 11:23:55 PDT
Hi all

In my post box today I received my complimentary copy of Graham Duncan's new book - the second edition of "Grow Bulbs" and I was very greatly impressed, to the extent that I phoned him immediately to thank him and congratulate him on a magnificent addition to bulb flora literature.  Its full title is "Grow Bulbs - a Guide to the Cultivation and propagation of the bulbs of South Africa and Neighbouring countries".  It is a substantial tome of nearly 400 pages,  illustrated by hundreds a high quality pictures, nearly all taken by Graham himself. It is the latest edition to the Kirstenbosch gardening series, published by SANBI.

In a fine gesture the book is dedicated to the memory Margaret Lilian Thomas (1917-2006) who was an inspiration to Graham and also founder of our Indigenous Bulb Grower's Association (IBSA).  It is prefaced with  a chapter describing briefly the 13 families to which bulbous plants belong.  It is divided into three parts, covering the Winter rainfall species, the Summer rainfall species and the Evergreen species.  Comprehensive chapters are devoted to cultivation and propagation of bulbs as well as pests and diseases.

This is wonderful book with beautiful pictures - a must for all of us who are involved in growing bulbs.  It should be available this coming week.  I have no idea of the price yet, but enquiries can be made to the Botanical Society Bookshop at Kirstenbosch or to Rachel Saunders at Silverhill Seeds and Books.

Cameron  (Rhoda is in France this month  - where she has just become grandmother to a second little boy, Louis)

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