J.E. Shields
Fri, 22 Oct 2010 05:17:16 PDT
Besides Z. elliottiana, there are two more species of yellow 
Zantedeschia:  Z. pentlandii (in the trade, OK in containers) and Z. 
jucunda (spell?) (hard to grow even in containers).

I would guess that Z. albomaculata and Z. rehmannii are the hardiest in 
cold climates.  Z. 'Black Pearl' does very well outdoors in the ground on 
the east (protected) side of a greenhouse.  It blooms every summer and 
increases.  I don't know what it would do out in the open field.

Z. aethiopica cvs. have not survived out in the open in the ground here in 
central Indiana, with the exception of Z. 'Green Goddess' which barely 
survives planted hard up against the foundation on the south side of a 

There are plenty of hybrids in all colors as well.

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