Jon Suzuki
Thu, 21 Oct 2010 22:50:51 PDT
Thank you John very much for your comment about yellow callas.
I wonder if you might enlighten me on the large yellow callas.  What might
their varietal names be?

I would be interested in other species if there were white and yellow
versions.  I am interested in hybrids if they had the same or similar

Thank you for the interesting story of the many colors you have.

It even sounds pretty.



On Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 6:16 PM, Floral Architecture <> wrote:

> My aunt in Ohio, z5, loves callas. Every year I get a few for the patio or
> garden. I've had more cultivars than I can remember. The ones that I can
> remember are Giant Spotted (from Plant Delights), Zwartzwalder, Black
> Star and
> Flame (from Brent and Becky's) and many a mix of other colors from local
> retailers. They have nearly all survived the winters in the open ground 10'
> to
> 30' from the house. They bloom reliably each year.
> A couple have gone so far as to reseed. I took a photo if anyone is
> interested.
> There are a few varieties that have disappeared over time but I don't
> remember
> what they are as I am not there to see all of them in bloom to know their
> colors. I only know a few key placements and ones that still have labels
> (that
> the family kids have pulled out).
> I am pretty sure that the lighter purples are not there.
> As far as a yellow variety of Z. aethiopica and am not sure. There are some
> really large yellow callas that are the same size of  aethiopica but I do
> believe they are a hybrid.
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