Ellen Hornig
Thu, 21 Oct 2010 07:55:26 PDT
One small correction to Marieke Mendes' remarks about zantedeschia species: 
Z. aethiopica collected from the Eastern Cape is summer-active and 
winter-dormant, even if kept above freezing in a cool greenhouse. I have a 
clump grown from seed collected near Leopard Falls in the Cathcart district 
(thanks, Cameron! :-) ), and it grows and blooms lustily here in summer.

This year I'm leaving it in the garden to test its hardiness ( I did collect 
seeds from it first, and will probably retrieve a some tubers before the 
deep freeze sets in).  Some of the Z. albomaculata from seed I collected in 
Lesotho overwintered quite nicely last year in the garden, and bloomed this 
summer.  I wouldn't claim zone-5 hardiness for these things - we do have 
excellent snow cover - but some of them are hardier than people think.


Ellen Hornig
Seneca Hill Perennials
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