Marieke Mendes
Thu, 21 Oct 2010 07:44:41 PDT
Dear Jon,

As far as I know, Z. aethiopica is only white, with some cultivars with
green in the spathe, and others with a pink tint in the spathe and sometimes

There are however a few cultivars and species of tuberous decidious
Zantedeschia, most commonly Z. pentlandii that is yellow.  The leaves of
these mostly has no spots / maculation, although there are some cultivars
that have quite beautiful maculation as well.  Common yellow hybrids are
"Pot of Gold", "Florex Gold" and "Goldilocks".

Off course you also get white (mostly off white) tuberous hybrids as well,
derived from Z. albomaculata and there is also a scarcer decidious specie Z.
vallida that is also white / off white and although I have some tiny tubers
of these, I have never seen them in flower myself (only photographs).

We grow both rhizomatous Z. aethiopica and summer growing tuberous
Zantedescia hybrids in South Africa, but I am sure you will be able to get
some locally where you are, otherwise you can contact me again.  The
decidious tubers are available in spring as they are summer growing and
winter dormant.  Z. aethiopica is evergreen (if winters are not too severe)
and flowers here mostly during autumn and spring as summer gets too hot in

Marieke Mendes

In very sunny, very hot South Africa where we are all holding our breath for
our overdue seasonal rainfall to set in and where our early zantedeschias
are in full bloom (under irrigation off course) and we are struggling to
plant the rest in time before they grow out too far...

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