Gladiolus byzantinus 'Texas Snowflurry'

bulborum botanicum
Wed, 01 Sep 2010 14:37:08 PDT
Hello Tony

One of my colleagues grows the true G.byzantinus
but not G.byzantinus albus
If you want I can show you with a picture the difference
in bulb shape to see the difference between italicus and byzantinus
if you wand I can send you some bulbs

I think the major mistake is made in the time the names where
Gladiolus communis ssp. byzantinus var.byzantinus and
Gladiolus communis ssp. byzantinus var.italicus
later changed in
Gladiolus byzantinus ssp. byzantinus
Gladiolus byzantinus ssp. italicus
and now as far as I know must be
Gladiolus byzantinus
Gladiolus italicus
I think here is an easy misnaming possible


2010/9/1 Tony Avent <>

> Angelo:
> Sorry for the slow response.  We got our original plants of this from Patty
> Allen, so we both have the same clone.  I seem to recall that she got it
> from a gardener in Texas and had someone to identify it as G. byzantinus.
>  I
> certainly agree that it looks and grows more like G. italicus.  If so, I'm
> wondering if anyone actually has the true G. byzantinus.
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