Hardy gloxiniamow Soil ph

Greg Ruckert greg@alpacamanagement.com
Wed, 01 Sep 2010 14:05:54 PDT
Your tree peonies want the soil to be slightly alkaline.  We apply lime 
twice each year (and ash from the fire continuously).  The chlorosis would 
suggest that you need to add iron (iron chelates).
Your azaleas, like camellias and rhododendrons however want a lower ph (by 
preferably 1-2 units).
South Australia

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>I wonder if I should do the same.  A few of my tree peonies show some 
>chlorosis in the last two years. .  However, most plants, including azaleas 
>do very well. I'm puzzled.  And Lycoris have done especially well this 
>year, seed pods on al including squamigera (which may be balloons, even if 
>they're bigger than usual by different species).

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