Twinscaling Nerine

J.E. Shields
Sat, 04 Sep 2010 06:16:30 PDT
In the cases where I've tried twinscaling or chipping, mainly with Lycoris, 
I've found that species that offset readily also produce bulblets on 
chipping readily, and those that do not offset much tend not to produce any 
bulblets by chipping.

I too lack the patience for this sort of thing in most cases.

Jim Shields

At 09:03 AM 9/4/2010 -0400, Matt wrote:
>I tried twin scaling my N. sarniensis a few years ago, and had some success.
>SO I think I had some luck, but I have little patience, and find that they
>offset so quickly that I get blooming size bulbs faster from the smaller
>offsets than the chipped bulbs. Stil, it's probably the best way to
>propagate a perfect clone.
>Matt Mattus

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