Twinscaling Nerine

Matt Mattus
Sat, 04 Sep 2010 06:03:35 PDT
I tried twin scaling my N. sarniensis a few years ago, and had some success.
I had read that one should do it in late June, or just after the bulbs go
dormant ( I really didn't twin scale, more like triple or sliced the bulbs
into 8 pieces, each with a piece of the basal plate.

I then treated them with a fungicide, and placed them into a small ziplock
poly bag with vermiculite. I kept the bag in a dark closet for two months,
and by August, I had some small bulblets. I planted them out in a fishbox
with sand, for their first season of growth. The flat eventually became lost
in the greenhouse until three years later, when I found two flower buds
twisting up.

SO I think I had some luck, but I have little patience, and find that they
offset so quickly that I get blooming size bulbs faster from the smaller
offsets than the chipped bulbs. Stil, it's probably the best way to
propagate a perfect clone.

Matt Mattus
Zone 5
Worcester, MA USA

On 9/4/10 1:09 AM, "Tom Mitchell" <> wrote:

> Does anyone here have experience twinscaling Nerine? Like many others
> I've used the technique successfully on Galanthus and Narcissus but
> am unsure whether to use the same protocol with Nerine. In
> particular, I'd love advice on the best time of year to chop up the
> bulbs and the best incubation method to use. I'm most interested in
> working with N.bowdenii, which obviously has large bulbs compared
> with most Nerine species, perhaps making cross-cutting of the basal
> plate a better plan? Advice appreciated!
> Tom
> Wiltshire, England, Zone 8, autumn on it's way.
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