Address change

Jane McGary
Sat, 04 Sep 2010 05:41:24 PDT
As of Sept. 15, 2010, my postal address and phone number will change to:
	Jane McGary
	4620 SE View Acres Rd.
	Milwaukie, OR 97267

E-mail remains the same.

Replanting the bulb collection is proceeding, though more slowly than 
I had hoped. I've now situated the fall bloomers (some have already 
produced flowers, just 10 days after planting), the desert irises, 
the deep growers (Calochortus, Tulipa, Themidaceae. Erythronium), and 
the taller Fritillaria species, and am working today to finish up the 
shorter Fritillaria and perhaps start on Narcissus. Then come the 
Hyacinthaceae, miscellaneous, and finally the spring crocuses. Each 
species gets set at what I imagine to be its preferred level, covered 
with mixed-size sharp sand, and permanently labeled. The larger 
species have their own spots, but there will be some overlap among 
the smaller ones, which I hope will be attractive. There is compost 
at the base layer of the beds, but for the rest I have only time to 
use the sand and will apply soluble fertilizer as I have in the past, 
which seems adequate for now. Once all the bulbs are in and covered, 
I'll top-dress it with small gravel; I have a choice between grayish 
pea gravel, which is heavy, and crushed red scoria, which is lighter 
but artificial-looking. The scoria (similar to pumice but denser) has 
significant nutritive value and holds some moisture, but it would 
look pretty bad with the flowers. I suppose I should add some prilled 
lime, as well, though it's never seemed necessary when the plants 
were repotted biannually.

Jane McGary

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