Twinscaling Nerine

Harold Koopowitz
Sat, 04 Sep 2010 03:39:58 PDT
It should work just the same. I remember on a visit to Holland being 
shown Nerines that had been "parted" i.e. cut into longitudinal 
segments like narcissus. My guess is the best time would be late MAY- 
EARLY July like Narcissus.

At 10:09 PM 9/3/2010, you wrote:
>Does anyone here have experience twinscaling Nerine? Like many others
>I've used the technique successfully on Galanthus and Narcissus but
>am unsure whether to use the same protocol with Nerine. In
>particular, I'd love advice on the best time of year to chop up the
>bulbs and the best incubation method to use. I'm most interested in
>working with N.bowdenii, which obviously has large bulbs compared
>with most Nerine species, perhaps making cross-cutting of the basal
>plate a better plan? Advice appreciated!
>Wiltshire, England, Zone 8, autumn on it's way.
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