Tropaeoleum news

Jane McGary
Thu, 16 Sep 2010 19:24:50 PDT
Jim wrote,
>Jane McGary wrote: "My plant [Tropaeolum austropurpureum] has 
>survived a winter
>temperature, in growth, of 16 degrees F under a bulb frame."
>Jane, please explain what that means.
>... When you write "under a bulb frame" it makes me think of your 
>bulb frame as some
>sort of cloche. What does it mean?

If you want the total details on my bulb frames, please see the 
Timber Press/NARGS book "Rock Garden Design and Construction." Breve,
it is an unheated cold frame,

Sorry, I am just finishing up moving and my computer, while now very 
fast indeed, is not quite configured as I am used to. Also, no more 
bulb frames: I now have a bulb house, and all that needs to be 
finished is planting the spring crocuses and putting on the top layer 
of sand and some topdressing. I am very, very tired.

Jane McGary

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