Lapageria rosea

James Waddick
Thu, 16 Sep 2010 21:38:15 PDT
Dear Friends,

	Thanks to a fellow PBS er, I just got a few seedlings of 
Lapageria rosea.  This may be totally futile, but as I looked around 
I saw little info on my favorite site: The PBS wiki. In fact, there 
is no entry at all.

	So a few Qs for more knowledgeable PBSers:

	Does Lapageria rosea have a bulb (tuber or enlarged root)?

	Has anyone outside of Greater San Francisco especially the 
mid-west had success with this species?

	I know UC Bot Garden Berkeley has a great collection but who 
else even grows it?

	Can anyone suggest good growing conditions?

	Any words of warning?		Thanks		Jim W.

Dr. James W. Waddick
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