Tropaeoleum news

Jane McGary
Thu, 16 Sep 2010 15:57:31 PDT
Max Withers wrote,
>  The September issue of Curtis's is devoted to Tropaeolum sect. 
> Chilensia, including the new (or newly-elevated) sp. T. austropurpureum:

This used to be regarded as a subspecies of T. hookerianum. It was 
introduced via seed collections by John Watson and Anita Flores. I've 
been growing it for about 10 years but it has flowered only about the 
past three years. The tuber does not increase. It is a small-growing 
Tropaeolum with attractive violet flowers on very delicate stems. 
Mine has not set seed, unlike the similar T. brachyceras which seeds 
readily. My plant has survived a winter temperature, in growth, of 16 
degrees F under a bulb frame. It will climb whatever is close by so I 
give it a twiggy branch for support.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon,. USA

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