Tropaeoleum news

Jim McKenney
Thu, 16 Sep 2010 16:14:16 PDT
Jane McGary wrote: "My plant [Tropaeolum austropurpureum] has survived a winter 
temperature, in growth, of 16 degrees F under a bulb frame."

Jane, please explain what that means.

Tropaeolum austropurupureum has been outside in a cold frame here since it was 
planted into the ground in 2008. Outside temperatures during that time have 
dropped to 3 degrees F (about minus 16 C). And this is a true cold frame (i.e. 
the only heat comes from heat stored in the soil, heat generated by sunlight, 
and heat which seeps from the house foundation). There are no heating cables or 
anything of that sort involved. 

When you write "under a bulb frame" it makes me think of your bulb frame as some 
sort of cloche. What does it mean? 

Jim McKenney

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