Matt Mattus
Sun, 05 Sep 2010 12:48:54 PDT
Gloriosa are always one of those bulbs that first starts on my wish list in,
let's say January, but by April, it just get's bumped off for budgetary
I would be interested if anyone else practices this behavior? If so, what
get's bumped off your spring wish lists when it's finally time to place that
order? I usually limit myself with crazy rules like "only one $45.00
Hellebore a year from Plant Delights, focus my list to only one species of
Allium, (but buy 50 bulbs for mass effect), and allow myself to choose one
genus where I can order all of the species I can find for one year ( like
Cyclamen, to build a collection).


On 9/5/10 12:24 PM, "James Waddick" <> wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> I don't recall much discussion here about Gloriosa. I had
> never grown any before this summer. Thanks to a generous PBSer
> (Thanks TG)  I have one in flower right now.
> What a bizarre flower !
> Got me thinking  if there are any other bulbous plants that
> produce a flower with these anthers and stigma spread out so widely.
> The stigma make a hard 90 degree turn and get as far as it can from
> the ovary.
> There's a few twining bulbous plants, but nothing quite like Gloriosa.
> Neat  Jim W.

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