Justin Smith
Sun, 05 Sep 2010 13:07:11 PDT
Hi All,
Several years ago I bought some G. superpa tubers/roots or what ever you call them from Parks I think it was. Makes big flowers but never produces a seed pod. At around the same time I ordered some seed from Silverhills. The vines and flowers are not as big as the bought one but boy do they ever make seed and multiply quickly. The flowers are more orangy/red than the bright red of the one from Parks. On the wiki they look just like the pics taken by Cameron McMaster. I have tried many times to pollenate the large flower with the smaller flowers but still no seed pods on the larger vine. Guess it is sterile. 
Two years ago I got seed of Gloriosa modesta. Planted them and waited all summer for absolutely none of them to sprout. Last fall I reused that soil in many pots and this summer I have little vines that look similar to Gloriosa coming up. I guess I should have waited 2 years on them. I need to mark the pots they are in so I will know this fall when they die down. 
I also have a Sandersonia aurantiaca though it has not grown more than 6 inches high. Going to put it in a larger pot for next year and maybe it will take off.
Woodville, TX 8b/9a

> Subject: [pbs] Gloriosa
> Dear Friends,
> I don't recall much discussion here about Gloriosa. I had 
> never grown any before this summer. Thanks to a generous PBSer 
> (Thanks TG) I have one in flower right now.
> What a bizarre flower !
> Neat Jim W.

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