Placea ornata Germination

Eugene Zielinski
Thu, 23 Sep 2010 18:05:59 PDT
In my experience, Placea seed germinate best at 40 F/4 C.  If you sow them
at room temperature (70 F/20 C), you will see no germination.  My
recommendation is to sow them on the surface of moist vermiculite in a
clear, covered container.  Put the container in the refrigerator and check
it weekly to make sure the vermiculite doesn't dry out.  You should see
germination within two months -- but it could take longer.
After the seeds germinate (i.e. throw out a root), plant them just below
the surface of a gritty compost (e.g. 25% organic, 75% grit).  Here's where
things get tricky for me.  They don't seem to do well at warm temperatures,
say 70 F/20 C.  I'd recommend a growing temperature of 50-60 F (10-16 C).
One interesting thing I've noticed: unlike Placea, Rhodophiala seed
germinate best at 70 F (20 C).  I've noticed this with several Chilean
species as well as with R. bifida.
Store any unsown Placea (and Rhodophiala) seed in the refrigerator.  I've
had good germination from year old seed stored this way.
Good luck!

Eugene Zielinski
Augusta, GA

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> Hi Guys,
>      I have recently received seed of Placea ornata and I've heard
> tricky to germinate, does anyone have any advice or experience with these?
> Thanks
> Josh
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