Loss of suppliers

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Sun, 19 Sep 2010 06:51:40 PDT
Mike Mace wrote:	I've now received confirmation that both 
Northwest Native Seed and JJA Seeds are going out of business.

Dear Mike,
	This just amplifies the loss of suppliers of unusual plants 
every where.
	We have already discussed the closing of Asiatica  and Seneca 
Hills, the bankruptcy of Wayside, Park Seed and J&P Roses and the 
list goes on.

	So here are your lessons: - modified

	--If you want to set up a business selling seeds, bulbs, or 
plants of any kind except for wave petunias,  geraniums and the like, 
you have customers waiting for you and a huge challenge to get them 
to do business.

	--If you collect bulbs or plant, don't take any suppliers for 
granted.  If there's one you like, try to buy from them regularly. 
Don't assume seeds and plants will always be available from them; it 
won't. Even the biggest can fail ( Hines Nursery is still not 

	--When you buy seeds, bulbs or plants, tuck the extra seeds 
in the freezer (assuming they're not Amaryllids) but share some with 
friends who you think can grow and appreciate them

	 --If you grow something rare, propagate it and share them 
with the bulb and exchanges ( or eBay).  You may end up being the 
only source for something.

	 --Be sure to thank your seed, bulb and plant suppliers. 
They're doing it more for love than for money.!!!

	- Don't take any seed, bulb or plant supplier for granted. 
The smallest suppliers of the rarest items may have an emergency and 
close down without notice. Consider them friends in need  of your 

	In that spirit, thank you to all suppliers, but especially 
the mom and pop* growers, collectors and importers!  You give us a 
fantastic window into the diversity of plants.

	AND finally - go out into your garden now, collect some seed 
and send some to some seed exchange. Right now. Just DO IT!

		I really mean it.		Jim W.

* Many gardeners do not realize how tenuous mom and pop growers 
really are. Or how many suppliers really are mom and pop growers. 
They do this for fun and love. If some one gets sick or worse, if 
someone looses a full time (paying) job, some circumstance changes, 
they can disappear in a 'moment' and forever.  I am sure every long 
time grower can recall an old favorite nursery or supplier that no 
longer exists.  It really is up to you.

ps. In this spirit, a big thanks to Dell Sherk, a one-man 'band' who 
keeps the PBS Seed/Bulb Exchange going. He takes in and sorts and 
repackages hundreds of seeds, bulbs and corms and remails them every 
month. There is no other single source of rare (and common) bulbous 
plants around even remotely like this. Stay well and keep up your 
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