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DalesMicro@aol.com DalesMicro@aol.com
Tue, 07 Sep 2010 09:19:15 PDT
Hi, My name is Dale Denham, and I just joined your list. I am currently  
living in Toluca, Estado de Mexico, Mexico, which is in the high Neovolcanic  
area just west of Mexico City at an altitude of about 8500 feet with a cool  
summer rainy season and winter dry season.
One of my many interests is taking pictures of plants in the wild, and as  
such, one of my needs is plant identification. From time to time the plants 
I  find include plants with bulbs. I found your site while trying to 
identify what  I was told is a Calochortus. Based on your pictures I think it might 
 be Calochortus purpureus. It was growing near Ixtapan de la  Sal, in the 
state of Mexico and the pictures were taken on September 4th of this  year. I 
will try to post a couple of pictures in you  identification section for 
In early August of this year I found another bulbaceous plant with  brown 
and yellow flowers, which looks similar to the Tigrida  melegris pictured on 
your site. I will also try to post a couple of  pictures of this plant for 
If there is an interest, I can post pictures of other bulbaceous I have  
photographed in the wild. Thanks for 
Thanks for your site. You have a very informative site with many beautiful  
pictures and I am sure many knowledgeable members. 

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