Twinscaling Nerine, reluctant Crinum

Tom Mitchell
Mon, 06 Sep 2010 23:03:06 PDT
Many thanks for all the suggestions and specific advice. I'll give it  
a go next year and will try to remember to report the results on this  
forum for the curious.

The issue of bulbs taking time to adjust to a different hemisphere is  
an intriguing one. I have a few Gladiolus and Ledebouria from the  
same source and they all made the transition with aplomb.


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> We've tried twinscaling nerines and had a high success rate June- 
> July using
> Jeyes fluid dip to kill pathogens then slightly damp vermiculite in an
> airtight ziplock bag in the dark ....Four months later bulblets!
> Nikko

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