Early results from cross-breeding Les Hannibal's Amaryllis

Michael Mace mikemace@att.net
Sun, 19 Sep 2010 12:44:21 PDT
I'm working through my mail from the last week, and wanted to thank the
folks who gave such detailed answers to my Amaryllis hybridization

Jim S, your explanation of regulatory genes was very helpful, and no I am
not a teenager either.  Besides, in ten years you'll probably be able to buy
a home gene splicing kit and just edit the plants directly.  So I am not
sure why I bother ;-)

Jim L your summary of the breeding history was fascinating, and I have saved
it for future reference.  Please let us know the results of your seed color

I have another question for the experts.  One of my Amaryllis hybrids has
put up a very strange flower head this year.  One flower has five tepals,
one has seven, and one has ten (it appears to be two flowers fused
together).  Is this sort of thing genetically-based (and so worth breeding
to work toward double flowers), a sign of a virus infection, or just a
random thing I should ignore.

I think this is the second year it's done something like this, but I haven't
paid attention before.

San Jose, CA

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