Was: Loss of suppliers -now Bricks & Mortar versus Cyber suppliers

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Sun, 19 Sep 2010 12:42:03 PDT
Dear Friends,

	Dennis does make a good point about cyber resources, although 
I was considering 'bricks and mortar' suppliers of seeds, bulbs and 

	But I think the pros and cons of b&m vs cyber are quite striking

	Access to the web is still a definite problem and high speed 
access even more-so.  The 'have's' tend to forget about the 
'have-nots' because a high speed connection is a wonderful thing. 
You just have to ask around and see who has actually ever made a 
purchase from a cyber retailer of any kind.

	I contend that cyber sources are even more ephemeral than b&m.
	A web sale  can be a one time thing, never to reappear.
	Communication with web suppliers can very tenuous.
	Complaints may be very difficult to bring to satisfaction.
	Cyber sources are still 'evolving' and run the gamut from 
being cyber version of established b & m sources to 'some guy' with 
'some plant' in 'some country' with each level of complexity capable 
of multiplying frustration.

	Although it can be true that an extremely rare plant may 
appear in a cyber announcement, there is a considerable risk in 
correct ID, condition of plant and reliability /truth in cyber-sales.

	The closer a cyber supplier resembles a b & m established 
supplier (such as the PBS BX or the SIGNA SeedEX), the more 
confidence the buyer has in dealing with these sources.

	All this doesn't make 'the chase' any less exciting, but the 
results can be very frustrating. I could give examples, but I am 
certain almost every person who has ordered from a cyber source for 
something has had some bit of disappointment.

	I'm sure others can fill in the many gaps I have suggested. 
		Best		Jim W.

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