The bulbs which perennialize

James Waddick
Thu, 30 Sep 2010 10:53:32 PDT
Kathy wrote:

>	What I really want is 300 different varieties of bulbs 
>guaranteed to flower reliably, multiply moderately, and live forever 
>with no effort on my part.  If anyone can provide that I might even 
>buy the bridge, as well.

	This sounds perfectly reasonable if.... 30 group members from 
30 different parts of the US/World list the 10 bulbs that most 
commonly survive, bloom and multiply with little effort. These need 
not be in each member's own garden, but bulbs from the roadside or 
old homesteads. These may not be the 'best'. For example Hemerocallis 
fulva is one of the most perennial of bulbous plants. It grows in 
ditches, road sides, abandoned places etc. I wouldn't grow it, but it 
is certainly care free.

	On the other end Scilla siberica can self sow and spread 
wildly in just the right spot. It does well in most garden with 
little care.

	Crocus often end up as squirrel food, but the dutch hybrids 
last well and usually multiply enough  to keep ahead of garden 
squirrels, esp with a cat or dog on patrol.  And these are easy and 
cheap to replace if needed such as when it is 'easier' to buy more, 
then dig and divide.

	Can 30 members from the wide area of PBS each name 10 most 
perennial species? I volunteer to work on the KC Metro/ Heartland 

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