The bulbs which perennialize

Thu, 30 Sep 2010 10:33:00 PDT
Summer temperature is an issue here.  I can't reliably grow any of the lovely Poeticus Narcissus.  They fade away due to summer heat.  Most tulips are annuals that may not flower due to low winter chill.  I, too, would love to know what will perennialize here but have had to "try everything" since few of the local gardeners grow more than the commonly available bulbs. 

Information about the original collection  location or region is invaluable. I love nurseries that provide this with their plant lists.

What I really want is 300 different varieties of bulbs guaranteed to flower reliably, multiply moderately, and live forever with no effort on my part.  If anyone can provide that I might even buy the bridge, as well.

Kathy, Sierra Nevada foothills, zone 8/9, mediterranean climate

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