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Fri, 17 Sep 2010 12:51:26 PDT
Hi Andrtew
A photo to be available in IBS
Alessandro Marinello
Padova Italy
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> Hi Alessandro!
> Thanks for your suggested ID of this bulb. Since you provided not just the
> genus but the species name (Hieronymiella argentina) I assume you have
> information that would help us decide. I searched but did not find one of
> that species - only other species of the genus with much wider, flaired
> blooms. A botanical description, drawings or an image - could you send
> those, or any of them? Thanks.
> I placed this bulb as 'Rhodophiala sp' after seeing another bulb named in
> this way in the Wiki that showed some, but not all, similarities with the
> image I posted. Following on those lines I have recently received, from
> outside this conversation, a suggested ID of Phycella herbertiana. Based 
> on
> images I've seen, that suggestion, though good in some ways, seems 
> unlikely
> to be the correct one.
> Maybe it is not Rhodophiala but, in the interest of sound Wiki data, we 
> need
> to have firm grounds for changing.
> Andrew Wilson
> San Diego
> Hi Andrew
> I believe or Hieronymiella argentina, not Rhodophiala Alessandro marinello
> Padova Italy
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