AW awilson@avonia.com
Fri, 17 Sep 2010 12:41:33 PDT
Hi Alessandro!

Thanks for your suggested ID of this bulb. Since you provided not just the
genus but the species name (Hieronymiella argentina) I assume you have
information that would help us decide. I searched but did not find one of
that species - only other species of the genus with much wider, flaired
blooms. A botanical description, drawings or an image - could you send
those, or any of them? Thanks.

I placed this bulb as 'Rhodophiala sp' after seeing another bulb named in
this way in the Wiki that showed some, but not all, similarities with the
image I posted. Following on those lines I have recently received, from
outside this conversation, a suggested ID of Phycella herbertiana. Based on
images I've seen, that suggestion, though good in some ways, seems unlikely
to be the correct one.

Maybe it is not Rhodophiala but, in the interest of sound Wiki data, we need
to have firm grounds for changing. 

Andrew Wilson
San Diego  

Hi Andrew
I believe or Hieronymiella argentina, not Rhodophiala Alessandro marinello
Padova Italy

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