OT (pbs) Colony Colapse Disorder

Theladygardens@aol.com Theladygardens@aol.com
Sat, 18 Sep 2010 22:24:08 PDT
Ken, I'm no expert either but my husband does research on bees all the  
time, he has written a booklet on IPM for bees and attends classes, lectures,  
and reads scientific material on such every day.  
You are correct that there seems to be no clear cause yet on CCD, but lots  
of contributing factors.  
If you dust the bees with sifted powdered sugar when you see a mite in your 
 hives, the bees will clean the powdered sugar off of themselves and  
therefore, get rid of the Varroa mites.  The county bee association just  had a 
day long seminar here in our garden with a leading expert on bees.   When 
they all suited up and went into the hives they found very healthy  bees.  They 
were expecting a normal  Varroa mite count and found  almost none.  My 
husband treats his bees with essential oils among other  things.
As I mentioned before, it was my unscientific observation that when the  
pest control trucks are around there are lots of dead bees.  Since my  husband 
has been keeping bees and all of the neighbors love the honey most all  of 
the neighbors have stopped the monthly pest control  services.    The young 
families come over often to ask  questions about bees, or seek advice in 
planting and caring for fruit  trees, vegetables and plants the bees would 
like.  They all seem to be  fascinated with the bees and the garden in general.  
It's nice seeing  them plant fruit trees in their yards and sharing nature 
with their  children.

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