Hippeastrum Winter Care

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> ...many pots of "commercial" hippeastrums

> ...three pots of Amarcrinum too.


Hippeastrums should be placed for some days at a bright place. 

Without water. 

Until the substrate has become just almost dry.

Clean the bulbs superficially: Remove dead bulb scale material.

Then, cut the leaves off, leaving but a short neck. 

IF there is any red spots and streaks present (->bulb scale mites) then

Prepare a solution of 20 g of crystallized AluminiumPotassiumSulphate ("ALAUN") in 1 L warm water

Add 2 mL of a Dimethoate Preparation (400g/L Cyclohexanon for example Rogor, Roxion, Bi-58)

Mix thoroughly and spray it onto the neck and on the surface of the bulb. 

The Substrate should not be soaked though. 

Store the pots at 11 to 17°C perfectly 13°C and NOTnecessarily in the dark.

Without any water (this would effectuate premature leaf elongation and abortion of bud elongation)

Inspect every week for indications of new growth.

Remove the old container.

If the root ball is firmly stuck within a plastic container, 

then consider to cut the container open rasther than damaging the roots.

IF the roots look good then let the root ball intact,

transfer into a bigger container.


Amarcrinums can be stored in their pot, at 5°C without any care. The common hybrid is extremely vigorous.

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