minimum temp for Nerine?

Don Journet
Fri, 03 Sep 2010 00:53:13 PDT
     I have just noticed the discussion on minimum temperatures for 
Nerine and am surprised at the high temperatures quoted. Here in Bacchus 
Marsh Victoria Australia I have been growing a few Nerines for many 
years say around at least 25 years. I grow the bulbs outside where 
winter temperatures fall to -5ºC and certainly /N. flexuosa/ and /N./ 
'Fothergillii Major' flower reliably. They grow in the same conditions 
as my Lachenalia collection. If temperatures affect their flowering it 
certainly is not the winter temperature. We do have hot summers and 
perhaps the bulbs require to be very warm over the summer period to 
     I fear that simply quoting maximum and minimum temperatures does 
not completely describe the requirements of these bulbs. Is it possible 
that average temperatures or day length might affect flower initiation. 
I must add that our low temperatures do not occur for long periods and 
probably last for no more than a few hours. Certainly these temperatures 
do not extend into the day time and probably occur mainly at dawn but 
sometimes frost do occur at night fall. Day time temperatures will 
usually climb to 5ºC or 10ºC and ice will soon melt. I certainly do not 
use a greenhouse or any other form of covering.
     I hope that this adds to the discussion and if anyone wants more 
information please ask.

Kind regards
Don Journet
Bacchus Marsh

Diane Whitehead wrote:
> I also read the information about sarniensis, and was startled by this:
> Studies from the Netherland reports that it takes 3 years for a 
> developing bud to mature and that temperatures below 17C causes buds 
> to abort (which means it will take another 3 years to flower again if 
> it got too cold one winter and all the developing buds abort). Optimal 
> flowering temperature is 17-21C
> I frequently experience temperatures below 17 C  in the summer, never 
> mind the winter.  It is noon now, on a sunny day,  and the temperature 
> is 19 C, but at 7 a.m. it was 10.

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