Bulb Conference in South Africa

Bracey Tiede tiede@pacbell.net
Fri, 01 Apr 2011 15:39:02 PDT
The IBSA is having a bulb and corm conference in August/September 2011 in
South Africa.

Here's part of the PDF flyer they have:

"The Indigenous Bulb Society of South Africa (IBSA) will be holding its next
Symposium showcasing South African bulbs and corms during August and
September 2011. Established in 1961, IBSA will be celebrating its 50th
birthday with this Symposium at the new and improved
Goudini Spa from 28 August to 2 September 2011. The natural warm water spa
at Goudini is
near Worcester and close to the internationally renowned Cape vineyards.
Delegates will book into the Spa on Sunday 28 August. During the first two
days of the Symposium there will be lectures and discussions on a wide
variety of topics relating to South African geophytes. The
next three days will be dedicated to field trips to the surrounding areas to
see some of the plants discussed in their natural splendour. Transport for
the Symposium excursions will be provided."

I'll be happy to send the full PDF with registration materials to anyone who
wants it.

Please send me (tiede@pacbell.net) your request for a copy.  Please do not
reply to the group.

San Jose CA

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