Kathleen Sayce
Fri, 01 Apr 2011 16:34:37 PDT
Here's a general fritillary question: I planted a bulb of what I think is Fritillaria persica years ago, have lost the label, and have never had it bloom. It's on a sunny slope in my garden, above the winter-soggy soil about a foot. 
This bulb had a hard life in my yard: the first year it came up the deer ate it down. They left it alone the next year, when it put up two shoots, and both flopped over when they were about 1 ft tall. The slugs found one of the shoots and nibbled the side, and the top with the leaves broke off. 
This year it sprouted again, two shoots, and these have now flopped over. 

Among the frit-experts in the list, can you tell me what is going on with the floppy over? 
Does this bulb needs to be drier (which translates to me moving it higher up) or what? 
I would like to have a healthy, strong, upright fritillaria, and now that I've lost the tag, it will have to bloom for me to confirm that it is F. persica. 

Among the joyful things: the wet spring is again blighting Ornithogalum umbellatum bulbs, which sets the foliage back so hard that while they bloom, the bulbs cannot set seed. Downside is that it is also blighting my other Ornithogalums. Oh well.

Also, wild Erythronium revolutum seed I collected in 2009 put up first leaves en mass a few weeks ago. I gently transplanted them into a much larger pot, as some were already growing out the bottom, placing them deeper in the soil as well, and they are doing well. 

PNW, zone 7-8, damp, cool and dim, 30 plus days of rain and still raining

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