Haemathus D. and Haemanthus crispus

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Tue, 05 Apr 2011 08:49:40 PDT
We have an unmoderated list which means people can post without 
approval. Instructions ask people to post privately when they are 
trading bulbs and not to offer things for sale on the list. The last 
is because our list is sponsored as an educational list, not a 
commercial one. I usually email people privately if they continually 
abuse this because I don't want unpleasant communications on the 
list.  If I don't get a response with a promise to reform and this 
continues, the only option we have is to moderate the posts. One of 
the reasons we ask for discussions of trades to be off list is in 
case something goes wrong; we do not want the list with permanent 
archives to be a place where people air their unhappiness with a trade.

I decided to moderate Warren's posts since he continued to post 
messages about the Haemanthus he wanted to sell after I asked him 
more than once privately not to. He has responded to Diana's post 
(also including four previous messages which I have also asked him 
repeatedly not to do) saying that he was unhappy with the quality of 
the material she sent him in trade and did not feel it was equal to 
the quality of his bulbs and therefore wanted more from her before he 
sent anything. I will forward his post on to Diana and hope the two 
of them can sort it out between them without involving the rest of us.

This exchange illustrates I believe why it is best to do your trading 
privately and not on the list. One of the nice things about this list 
has been that over the years people have with only a few exceptions 
been extraordinarily polite, generous, and helpful to the other 
members of the list. So many lists have unpleasant exchanges between 
people. We do not want this to happen on our list.

Mary Sue
PBS List Administrator

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