Was: Haemathus D. and Haemanthus crispus Now PBS business

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Tue, 05 Apr 2011 10:44:36 PDT
Dear PBS Friends,
	I think Mary Sue has put this very calmly into perspective. 
PBS is an educational, not a commercial list for exchange of ideas, 
experiences and inspiring personal information regarding bulbous 
plants of all types. We operate a 'bare bones' Seed and Bulb 
Exchange' and do not usually list specific prices, size, quantities, 
but rely on private emails for detailed transactions.
	We encourage commercial grower/ friends to announce new 
lists, catalogs and trades in the same general terms.

	A few days ago I posted a note about PBS etiquette (3/31/11) 
as suggestions.  Let me add some specific 'do's and 'don't' s.

	Do give us your location when you tell us about your growing 
conditions or if it is specifically pertinent. Warren said he 
couldn't get to Annie's Annuals to make a purchase, but gave his only 
location as 'California' . That doesn't help because Calfornia has a 
lot of climate/environmental variation and Annie's is in Califonia 
and a lot closer than to him than most PBS members.	Not useful 
enough details.

	Do be fair. We discourage 'He said/She said' sort of 
disparaging remarks and general bad mouthing about sales and trades. 
I personally think PBS is the perfect place to relate your experience 
with a seller, good or bad, but be fair. Make an effort to contact 
the other 'guy' with your unhappiness and try to work out details. 
PBS is not the first place to take out grievances.

	Do maintain a civil tone. Many PBS members go back more than 
a few months on the list, new posters need to test the waters and be 
aware of our limits. Warren just joined the discussions a few weeks 
ago and started off on the wrong foot on a number of topics. We hope 
he can continue to provide us with a good interchange  as described 

	And finally it bears repeating what Ellen posted earlier 
"Favors are something you ask of friends". whether it is your first 
post or your first trade or purchase, you are not necessarily a 
'friend' until you have shared some friendly exchanges.

	Let's all keep civil, friendly and fun. Keep business private 
and try to 'give a little' if in doubt.

	Thanks to Mary Sue for giving this perspective.

			Best		Jim W.

From Mary Sue:
>	"We have an unmoderated list which means people can post without
>approval. Instructions ask people to post privately when they are
>trading bulbs and not to offer things for sale on the list. The last
>is because our list is sponsored as an educational list, not a
>commercial one........
>I decided to moderate Warren's posts since he continued to post
>messages about the Haemanthus he wanted to sell after I asked him
>more than once privately not to.  ......
>This exchange illustrates I believe why it is best to do your trading
>privately and not on the list. One of the nice things about this list
>has been that over the years people have with only a few exceptions
>been extraordinarily polite, generous, and helpful to the other
>members of the list. ....."

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