sunchokes, yacón, and oca

Liz Waterman
Sat, 02 Apr 2011 18:17:59 PDT
I grow yacón in Oakland, CA and like it very much.   It makes large 
tubers? that remind me of Dalias with many tubers surrounding a central 
stem.  They are very juicy and sweet and crunchy, a bit like Jicama only 
sweeter and juicier.  The tubers(if they are tubers) crack easily.  
Sunchokes can be very invasive here.

> During my internet searching I also nearly bought a similar South American
> plant called yacón.  But decided to stick with the sunchokes for now, since
> sunchokes don't need to be protected here in wintertime.  Does anyone on PBS
> grow yacón?
> I'm hungry.  :-)
> Dennis in Cincinnati
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