sunchokes, yacón, and oca

Steve Marak
Sat, 02 Apr 2011 22:22:09 PDT

The list of plants I truly regret having planted in my yard is fairly 
small, but if sunchokes aren't at the top, they're very close.

On an old "Victory Garden", I once heard Roger Swain advise that at the 
end of the growing season, you should dig every single last sunchoke 
tuber, large and small, that you can find, which will mean that you miss 
just enough to ensure an equal sized crop the next year. I think he was 
too optimistic. And be sure to deadhead - without seeds, they're merely 
impossible to eradicate. Of course that's NW Arkansas - may be different 
in your area.

By comparison, some of our other native thugs, such as Campsis radicans, 
are very charming garden plants.


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I'm preparing my vegetable garden this year and decided to try sunchokes,
aka: jerusalem artichokes.  Obviously a geophyte, I'm wondering what
experiences people on the PBS list have with different varieties & flavors
of this plant.  I ended up buying some tubers from a small farm in North
Carolina.  They're not any particular named variety... just listed as

-- Steve Marak

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