Semi OT -Shame and confession

James Waddick
Fri, 01 Apr 2011 17:40:59 PDT
Dear PBsers,
	Although I have been a member of the elist and the membership 
organization for a number of years, a contributor to both and donor 
to the BX, I have passively avoid posting a background information 
page to the PBS Contributors page.

	After assuming a position as an officer of PBS, I have been 
mercilessly hounded (not really) to put together a bit of background 
about myself, my garden and plants. The results have been posted at…

	So now that I have been shamed into participating, I see a 
number of prominent PBS members who are represented by back ground 
'portraits' of them and their gardening interests.  Check out some of 
the interesting people you'll meet on this elist at… , 
You'll also see who has not included their own back ground.  Time to 
'fess up !

	Read up about the contributors to PBS and get to know them better.

			Best		Jim W.

Dr. James W. Waddick
8871 NW Brostrom Rd.
Kansas City Missouri 64152-2711
Ph.    816-746-1949
Zone 5 Record low -23F
	Summer 100F +

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