Bellevalia webbiana

Jane McGary
Mon, 25 Apr 2011 17:29:16 PDT
To reply to the question of the identity of Jim McKenney's photo of a 
plant he is growing as Bellevalia webbiana, and which he presumably 
bought from me, I can report that my plants under this name were 
grown from Archibalds' seed no. 228.410, origin Italy. I would assume 
that they verified the name. However, it's also possible that there 
has been some mix-up, since Jim McKenney had the habit of ordering 
one bulb each of just about everything on my list. I might have 
grabbed the wrong bag of bulbs, or he might have put the label on the 
wrong plant, or confusion may have entered somewhere else along the way.

I can't check the plant against descriptions just now because most of 
my Bellevalia species are not yet in flower in this very cold spring 
season. The only one I see now is B. pycnantha -- the real thing, not 
the Muscari some Dutch suppliers are sending out under that name.

Jane McGary

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