Allium zebdanense

James Waddick
Sat, 23 Apr 2011 09:44:05 PDT
Dear PBSers,

	I keep on loving this tiny onion, but never get around to 
praising it totally. It is a winner.

	I am talking about Allium zebdanense…

	It is the earliest Allium in my garden. Years ago I got some 
tiny bulbs from Hoog & Dix (back when). I don't often see these 
available and probably because they are so tiny.

	They have formed a nice clump maybe 6-8 inches across and 
bloom reliably every spring in a semi-shaded area on the edge of a 
silver maple. The foliage is bright green and very grassy looking. 
I'd dread an indiscrimate weeder coming in a pulling this out in a 
minute. Before spring has barely started the incredibly thin 
pedicels emerge with buds forming on  them.  As the flowers open into 
small white tufts of multiple flowers, the seem to float inches above 
the foliage.

	The flowers last a decent amount of time and really deserve 
to be dug, thinned and moved around.

	I can completely recommend this tiny bulb for a spot in your 
garden where you'll see it early in spring for full appreciation. A 

	Mark any thoughts on this gem?		Best	Jim W.
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