NOT - Leucojum aestivum cvs.?

James Waddick
Mon, 11 Apr 2011 06:27:51 PDT
>No, sorry I do not grow any of the semi-double variants.
>I only aquired the yellow tipped Leucojum vernum 'Eva Habermeier' last year.

>  > De : "Harold Koopowitz"
>  > Objet : Re: [pbs] Leucojum aestivum cvs.?
>  > Do you know of a source of Gertrude Weisser?

Dear Friends,
	I just couldn't figure out these messages right away, but 
then realized that they all refer to L. vernum - NOT aestivum.

	L. v. 'Eva Habermeier' is actually L. v. carpaticum 'Eva 
Habermeier'. Although L. v. Carpaticum is around and fairly common, 
there are few named L. vernum with cv names. Janis Ruksans sells 
bulbs with the name 'Podpolozje', the name refers to a location and 
is not a single cultivar, but stock collected in this site.  Mark 
could please describe 'eva" and explain how it is distinct from the 
range of carpaticum?

	L. v. 'Gertrude Wister'  originated in Swarthmore, PA on the 
grounds of the College there and the garden of said Mrs. Wister. 
Harold, I know of no commercial source. See the wiki for my pic.

	I have to thank John Grimshaw for his clarification of these 
names and cvs to me.  I had written earlier about my own confusion.

	Incidentally L. aestivum is now blooming in my garden and 
again thanks to John I may be able to confirm or identify the real 
'Gravetye Giant' as a distinct cv.  John sent me a picture of l. 
aestivum growing partially submerged and emphasized its preference 
for damp locations and explanation of why my plants on a prairie site 
are less vigorous than they could be.

	Best to all		Jim W.
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