Spring Blooms

steven hart hartsentwine.australia@gmail.com
Mon, 29 Aug 2011 20:18:13 PDT
Hi everyone,

its been a day of sadness for me because i had to put my beautiful gentle
giant palomino horse Yarramin to sleep he was my friend for 32 years.
So a stroll through the garden path has revealed a brighter day after a
shower of rain or two !

Its late Winter here in sunny Queensland, but spring has sprung !  Heavy
mist swirls throughout the mountains & rain drops are cooling the warmer
days now, my first daffodils have flowered, Erlicheer have exploded into
flower & for the first ever time i have Tahiti in full bloom, the buds were
lime green & the bright yellow petals with their bright orange ruffled
centers are radiating in the sunlight while they dance in the south easterly
breeze. I only wish i knew how to show some photos.

To add to the pretty scene there are 3 dark pink double flowering peaches
intermingled with pale green & apricot angles trumpets filling the air with
delightful fragrance. Below almost forgotten are pretty little white
& canary yellow dutch crocus. The native crinums have secretly burst from
the ground with growth in the 3 days while i was away at work & with 2
inches of rain to get them ready for spring, the flaccidum have grown
6inches since i went away this week.

I love the garden what a fascinating place to be..........

SE Qld Australia

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